Animecon 2016

I was knew early what i would cosplay in convention but of course i didn't got it ready
On 2 am i was like "fuck this, i will just dress up for my sunday costume" 
Then i did sew my scarf in 5 minutes and did go sleep.
I know sleeping enough is important but still in two nights i was got only 6 hours sleep, all together.

First time in 7 years i  was not working in convention, and it honestly felt very weird.
I saw familiar faces there in work. Anyway, i was decided it be this way because of Reika.

I was there only on Saturday, but i did see Reika couple times.
and listened Q&A. Reika was funny and explained whit hands a lot.
Also in end Reika wanted a group picture. I had feeling i would not look good in it and that was actually what happened.

Of course in convention was Swords like, everywhere. 
I was supposed to first be also in group cosplay of them, but sadly my costume didn't arrived in time.
But i saw some cute cosplayers

Also when i was going home, i met some Running homo's and actually missed my buss

Anyway, i was too tired on Sunday to go there again,.
I will go to europe next week, i thought i don't want become ill before it.
I didn't bought anything from convention, but i in post was become a package.

In it was 4 cosmode, or cosplay mode like it is today.
There was some useful pattern, and actually in one was Owari no Seraph pattern.
Those ware for main character, Yuuichiro but whit common sense they can be used for Shinya.
I will probably do my Tracon's costume myself,  and not order.
I think i have all fabrics for it whit good luck

Cosplay mode's are: 11, 8, 6, 7.
I was stupid and didn't notice put them on order on picture

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