Whats up

Well, last time  i wrote here, it seems it was before my life fall into pieces.
Death took something important from me and i also got something.

My cat got kittenes but abounded them shortly after birth. She also didnt  clean up than one of 6
She didn't make them inside, so we found them after 1-2 hour after birth. Others didn't move anymore because f hold cold there was. We still tried warm and clean them when we noticed they ware still living...kinda... Sadly only two survived, and it was two only 3 days, then something come on boy's lungs and he died. Upper photo is actually from that day, both wouldn't calm down and sleep in box they ware, so i took them out. They started sleep, but i noticed that there started come blood from another's nose. Also he become weaker. I put another back into box and took the ill one towel keeping him near my body so he would have warm. Even when he was dying, he tried drink milk what i give him.

Anyway another one did survive, even when we ware little bit worried about her also

She is become so big!

After that i kinda had energy to live and get things done, life seemed be better. I had energy to dress up

And i got see SuG!

but then death come again and all fall into pieces.
I even stopped sewing what is rare in my case.

Anyway, when i get over this one point, my future seems better.
I will start in sewing school, since its what  i am always wanted really.
It  just makes me sad that not all are in this world anymore... 

Also something new is i started finally try learn make digital art

Like only thing i am proud is re done CG from dance with devils...

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