DRAMAtical Murder - Ren - Seragaki Aoba - 1/7

So i got sometime ago this pretty thing.
I ordered in from Yorokonde. I dont know people who ordered it from other places but i am interested, did the coming out day got 2 month more late than it was suppose to?
Att least i noticed one, who said her figure come a month later.

Why i dont know about situation? There is this one problem in Yorokonde:
The most of important informations come in German.
Why did i order from there?
Well....i just and just missed pre order from cdjapan D8
Why i didnt search it from re sale from japan?
----i am asked this a lot from myself XD anyway its nice to still get it being brand new

Anyway, it was shipped from German to finland and it took a little less than week to arriwe.
The box in what it come was almost twice bigger than the one in figure was.
How ever the free speace was filled whit airy...things.
Anyway it was well protected

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