2014-2015 time to turn new page in life

In end of year, no actually before even lycaon gig my life started to break into pieces.
I got health problems, i lost want to enjoy life, because all my energy did go for smiling and surviving, in begining of december  my grandma lost her another leg and was places to hospital.
Also in week before xmas my girl left me

It's been only a month now, but my health is become better.
I am got more energy to do things, and enjoy again about sewing.
I am happy that i don't  experience firstly pain on every morning i wake up.
I am realised that many things what i heard bout myself ware lies, mean to hurt me.
My grangma have still change to return home, it give for both of us hope.

This year, i will learn again to live and be happy.
Also to take care about myself.

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