Life and Otome games

You know the feeling when everything is finally over and you can finally let it be in past?
My girl will move same city than i to study!
I don't get anymore depressed about past like i used to.
I feel so relieved and energy to do so many things.

Of course i still need to get over all anguish what is pent up on time.
I hate that i get psychosomatic symptoms because of them very easily about little things.
Its been a while when they ware this bad, like.. 3-5 year ago?

Anyway, much is happened since last post but i will just continue writing normally,
 there would be too much to post about!

So i got canon 600D finally! Now i can get so much better pictures!
I am took some photos about my girl whit it, but she always says how she is "too ugly" why is reason
that i cant post them. And she looked freaking gorgeous in them!

Any way, so there is photo about me  taken by it then.
Its surprisingly  difficult to take selfie whit it.
Photo was for bokutachi livestream.
I dont know if some of you readers know Bokutachi or not.
If you don't know,in there should be picture link for it---->

I am lately been very interested about animes (normal summer location)
and i am got some new loves.
 Most favorite is now Kamigami no Asobi what is actually otome game.
I love character Loki(i usually call him lokidoki) who's wig i bought in 'accidentally'

 (none need to see messy background)

These is too one other anime/otome game what i like: diobolik lovers
Why? I dont know but i love characters and vampires.
 Yeah, anime is suck, game is little bit better  but could be even better.
I like characters more than actually storyline..

The world would need otome games where girl is not so innocent and stupid...
Speaking about that kind otome games, i found some interessting for android:
Scarlet fate from Shall we date
Its free and you can find it from google....shop XD?

This is actually one of most new gamewhat is come from them,
 so there is only 4 character avaible.
It tell about princess who duty is protect sword so there would not come end of the world... i first thought that this will remind much them other game, 
Mononoke kiss and be boring but nope!

More will come on time (yey!) so i am now playing Gentoka, what is.... white fox who that girl saved from soldiers? He always speak how 'i' can do what ever i want whit him life because i saved him what sometimes make me want hit him. Him  story is shortest from some  reason but i am liked it this far. Unlike in other games, story line is long so sometimes it feels like there is too much text... but i like still it more than others(there is more pictures than other games!)
After Gentoka i will play Akifusa and then mister dick 
(who name i dont remember but he is her demon god fiance)

Akifusa is childhood friend who clearly have feelings for princess(cliche) and his duty is protect you, the princess. His feelings are clear in Gentokas Story to probably even more obviously in his.
 (mister dick on top, Gentoka in bottom)

Then there is of course mister dick, the demon fiance who is not nicest person...
i dont even understand why hi is her fiance!
 Princess need to always mix her blood whit god, i got that... 
but they dont even seem be couple.
In one scene, he said that he will follow his fiancee will.
So for me, it looks like his job is just to fuck her in end, 
get her breed  and then fuck of... So i wait interested what will happen
when she fall  hardin love whit Gentoka. 

Then there is  new character this 'last survivar' Kodonomae.
He is too old for me... so all what is left my head is that Void killer his whole clan
And he want get revange.

Who would not scream when you saved animal
 and then young man stalk you when you awake?

Then there is this handsome guy who dont have story, yet! i just cant wait it to be out!
(i know it will come in time when they get it ready,
in past games all characters who have face are come)
I like his personality too, he seem be hide something. I always want go after him but i want first to try get super happy ending so i peek... a little bit and then go after Gentoka.
Furutsugu is very flirty too....

 I just met this guy when i accidentally did go after Akifusa.
..i am interested tabout his story too.
He did save me(or more likely my opponent) and disappeared.
So he is game mystery guy.

About some people its  weird that i play otome games but say that i don't have any interest to man.
Well,i am been in relationship  whit man so i am experienced it and i think i know what i talk about if i say i don't  like opposite sex and always joke that maybe it would be different story if i would be born a guy.
I say this because if i start,
 for a example ship Raito and Ayato, things get million times hotter!
But maybe from that reason hetero guys watch lesbian born?

I play otome games to get know characters, who i see interesting

Speaking about to know characters i hate how i didnt find any information about this shit head who look like Boris Airay from heart no kuni no alice.
Ok i know his name  now, and that he is from Danzai no maria... and that he is big loser.
So i am downloaded this game three days thanks to shit internet connection What i got knowledge about him, i will like him and if i like him, it means i will cosplay him.
And it will too mean that i will get a reason do Wolf head(its his demon or something, like he himself don't look demon enough...), whit yellow led eyes!

I i find fabrick for snake, me and my girl will too do Virus snake(3.5 m long) and Trips lion!
but  for so long, i am not found enough fabric....

This end here! See ya!

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