Gyaru Meet up in jyväskylä

So here was Gyaru meet up in Jyväskylä. 
I went there first time because last time i was visiting my girlfriend.
I wake up one hour late actually so i needed quickly decide do i dress gyaru or gyaruo.
Because i was lately got new clothes and it was warm outside i ended up to be gyaru.
And of course my outfit get unwanted attention, but its nothing new.

Shorts:Old jeans what i cut

Lenses: Geo bambi chocolate(princess mimi)
I forget but buttom lashes because i needed hurry! ;__;
Make up failed little bit too but i didnt want be late...

But yeah it was nice to see other gyaru's and get know them. 
I felt myself  first outsider because i dont know anyone from there,
but it changed very quickly! ^^
We went to cafe and sit and drink there, talking and spend time before we did go take photos.
In group photos and others my hip looked very large somehow?.. i don't know how but maybe because i am not good pose and didn't know what to do  v___v 
plus i hated how photos ware taken from hight, so it make me look very short..
my hips look totally different  pair because other is more way to camera than other (big mistake, make look more fat) yeah i am 164 cm and my weight is 57kg so i know i am not fat.... but ajfsj

One could not believe that i am not usually very girlish, that i am dansou.
She said that could believe that my dansou pictures are about my BF and that i look handsome XD
It was nice to hear, because only one's who are called me handsome are Naoki and Aiki :3
Next time i will be gyaruo because its more like me (・∀・)

Photo from  when we waited others.
In other my make up started to be not so good anymore 
(because meet up was close to end i didn't  start fix it)

Telling the truth i am afraid to end gyaru secrets XD
but before someone say's something, i don't use photoshop in these photos -___- 

in others i failed, can't be helped because i am not perfect

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