Thoughts:People Who i can't understand

(i don't mean that only girl do this, but this was best gif what i find)
I want know how these people can ive with them self.
 I dont hate them just because they have sex almost everyone. (unless they try something what is mine)
How you don't feel yourself dirty? Why you need so many?
I believe you mother is very proud about you.
I just...i feel  digesting when people them stories
 "i slept whit 3 guys/girls  in two month and we broke of because of it"
I believe that those who broke of because it, in these relation ship was one who own brains, was kind hearted and then there was that bitch who broke that broke/hurt kind one
I fell like this more usually  than fucking when is single. Then its don't have matter what you do.
if you slept whit someone when you are in relation ship, i feel digesting  about that person.

I readed blog about 20-25 year old  who is slept whit over 80 guy
Slept whit over 80 different people.......
I have to admit that it was interesting to read. Why?  tried to understand how she don't feel shame
I FEEL MYSELF DIRTY BECAUSE I AM BEEN WHIT JUST COUPLE PEOPLE. (not interested to tell number for you it can be 1 or more. not your bussines )
i wanted my first be the last one too

I know one, who like to be whit people. 
Its not so bad because she is realized that she can't be in relationship so she is sinlge.
Only bad thing is that she do this strangers and whiteout condom.
I am little bit afraid about her safety but there is nothing what i can do.
So many don't like hear what she said, even when she don't speak about details.
even when i don't like, i feel like best what i can do is listen.

About relationship cheater
Why have many when you can be only whit one?
Isn't it easy when person whit you are know you
You don't need to me shamed about anything? Isn't it more easy then?
I am not surprised that parents want tight rules for kids.

This is little bit out of topic but  wanted write is in this end
I know that when people grow up, they are ashamed even when they are not been bad.
I have this kind feeling about my mom, i am envy to my aunt who is in marriage and have two child whit her first one. I can say it very easily
My mom never raised me to be forever virgin or said that i should be whit one.
I made that decision myself. She just said "give yourself for one, when you feel for it"
Have to admit, in one case i didn't do it. I betrayed myself. It was  was not big thing but it was too soon.
My mom is said " do your own mistakes" and i did it.
My mom do always know when something is happened even when i don't tell her always
I try to protect her. I one time tried told that something was happened but because of her reaction i thought its better if i solve my problems myself
Then i said
"Mom i feel used, i feel myself disgusting"

"You can always come back home, i accept  you like you are"
I want be like i am, but i dont want hurt others or be bad person

I am what i am
I try to not hurt people
And try to be nice

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