Normal shops, girls section, clothes for Dansou look?

So, i went for normal shop to find something what could be good for dansou style.
These are of course just something what i liked and what i could use but here is pictures about what i did find
I just went couple shop when i was walking to bus. I walk past them every day actually

Clothes are from seppälä, shoes from zatza and jewelry from ginatrico.
Normal shop's, and i almost miss buss because of this XD
I spended 5-7 minutes in shop so sorry there is not much pictures


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    1. I like too~~ sad that my cheki collecting is eated my money XD

  2. Sun pitäis tosissaan vähä lukasta englannin kielioppia:)!

    1. Tiedän, lukihäiriö viel vaikeuttaa mut oon huomannu paras topa oppia o käyttämällä ^^