King of online shopping

(take picture about first package black this its yukata but there was not much to show because it was black so i just put it there)

All credit about tittle go for Naoki who said it :D
So yeah i shopping lot of stuff... mostly clothes but jrock stuff too.
 mostly for gyaru style because i promised for myself update that side of my closed.
But of course because my style is dansou i bought for it too :3 

Because dansou is my first style so i show what i bought for it first.

Super lovers hoodie

I am tried to long time get this and i finally get it from not bad price!

I was lazy to take picture XD I got this and yukata (cost same)

it is like new



These ware second hand stuff, but never used like you can see, they had tags still them
That why i bought them. If you live in outside of japan you have usually pay lot more about them!

Real Price 3000円



I am tried find this too long time. Its usually really expensive but i  think this is good price

From first picture you can see its little bit broke but its easy to fix, not bad for that price
Otherwise its like new~~<3 p="">

(bad picture because of laziness)
This was never used and i was like "yey my lucky day"

Jrock Stuff

So yeah I am Big Fan of  ClearVeil And Aicle
Sadly they are disbanded so them stuff is difficult to find
I was not suppose to buy these stuff  because of last post XD
but really, i could not give these for other collector.
I paid too much about two firts -.-



There was another buyer too so that's why  price got little bit hight
I know many Aicle collector's, they have many aicle chekis and other stuff
I dont have almost anything so when i have change i am ready to almost everything.
Now i own 6 Emiru and 3 Saran :D its okey, they are my favorite ones
They all only ones who's chekis i try to get



This was very cheap XD
 I am almost only one who  collect  ClearVeil stuff
In japan is of course some people, but usually them stuff its easy to get
Couple time someone is bought from closed child and this kind places what i am wanted
but it dont happen very usually

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