Sometimes its nice to dress up

 So yeah even when i like be mores boyish i love Gyaru style. 
Its just too girly for me to dress everyday.
We have fun with viivi so we dressed up and take lot of pictures.
I loved all how these ended up to look and i believe i will use these outfit somewhere els.
I need to get longer brown wig... .____.

Shirt:Seppälä(i am quilty!)
Shorts:Dreamv (reminded me about d.i.a so i bought them)
fishnet: Gothicka or random adult shop...

I so loved my look in this! but i have to admit that brown hair fit me better...

All are from ma*rs. Japanese bra makes boobs look too big .___.

I believe you can see that i am been busy update?
I am busy with cosplays and school like my other friends so i have nothing special to tell 8/
just work, work, work and work.
Well... I am been practiced my make up for  daily dansou look and for gyaru...
And tried to lose more weight.
I will start write when i get energy  and my costumes ready :D 
And when i get my story about japan trip ready....
bye bye until then!


  1. Ahhh, you look really cute as a girl too!

  2. You are soo pretty and cool!! xD
    By the way your blog is really interesting and I really like your blog design! Would you like to follow each other on GFC? Let me know :D


    1. Thank you! i like your blog too so i think its okey for me~~ :3