Second hand Ma*rs replica top and skirt from Gorgeous Barbie

So i read this  post from Koukama Jojo  about Kumimakiko  online shop  so it made me little worry.
I bought skirt from Gorgeous Barbie and  top from Gyaru sale's.
Lately in gyaru secrests was secret about Gorgeous Barbie that they sell replicas, so i wanted to check  skirt and top. It's very difficult to get  brand clothes for gaijin gyaru's 
And i think them have bigger  change to get replica. Lets start about top

Well when i saw ribbon, i knew that i was got replica. I think the one who sell it didn't know it  and i she knew, its okay! i don't blame her! 
Its clear that it was replica  because i didn't found brand label.
 Only washing instructions and 'made in china'.

So of course i started to look more. Ribbon and button are glued to top.
And i could say that ribbon looks stupid compared to real one.
So i fixed it.... :D

People who bought/get replicas should think can they do something for clothes(something else than throw trash can or sell it to next one) Its over 90% sure that you don't get your money back.

For next i looked edges and seam's.
Edges were well made and clean.
And so was seams almost if we don't counting  that it was 'broken' under arm. It wasn't bad because there was strike sewing, but still i used zigzag to it.

Even so, i think its so good that i don't care. Like i said its not easy to get real brand clothes 
so i am satisfied to this. It's not bad made and that is why i still like it.

Skirt From Gorgeous Barbie

 (sorry mu shit picture....)

Even when this was on "sale" I pay 52 € about this (with shipping, Without  it was 35-38€ )
I really don't have anything bad to say, only strike sewing was little out of space 
Other places it was strike and good (sorry bad photo)

I thought it was replica even i found label like this....

So i speaked with Miho (Director of Gorgeous Barbie)
She Show me proof,purchase guarantee's , that clothes ware from japan 
Of course they can be made up (Its not hard to do wrong one's)
But i believe that they ware real.
She said that them always have brand labels , but she said too that
 she can't  know always if second hand items are replicas, and that she sell
outlet items for choice and that  course between of outlet items and original items are different.
Outle items are low quality goods, thats why the price is cheaper 

When you get bay clothes its like playing card game.
You can't know  what you get, do you get the card which help you to win, or the bad one.
But if you want good clothes i would say that Gorgeous Barbie its best way to get them.

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