So why i like him and why he is my favorite?  Well...like me, when he use lenses he looks...more cute than others.
I want be boyish but my eyes are what they are and lenses make them look too big!
 Even when i not use circle lenses.
Because i am been tired lately there will be lot of pictures.

 Even when he is gyaruo he dress like gyaru sometimes!
I am envy to him how gorgeous/pretty he look.
He looks so good even with big eyes.
 Still he is usually inspiration for my girl style and i want to learn him make up.


  1. y u no speak english?? Is this your'e own language or something?

    1. I know it that my engslish is not good and my first language is finnish... When i am lazy/tired its really hard to me try to write english( even on my first language i make writing mistakes) Finnish is really hard to translate sometimes, it can sound weird too and i am sorry about that, but of course i always learn when i use it. Its weird that my english is poor even when i use it every day.