About weight

I don't know why i do this....
But many people say that i don't need to lose weight.
My japanese size is something like M, one size clothes barely fit me. That is the main reason why i want to lose weight. Also if you look pictures what i post there you can see that all them are skinny. My really though about them is that they are TOO SKINNY. Still i want be like them
The truth is that i don't care if people are... not skinny, i like it more... but... I think that ..
little skinny people are cute. I don't know why i think so!

I just want to be skinny, maybe its something to do with it that people are always call me fat. Well i don't want to say that its because of that. I just want to be skinny and fit perfectly to japanese clothes.

I don't care others weight, are they  skinny or little more bigger than others (as long they aren't fat/skinny in sick way. Make me just worry about them)

I have been problem with my own weight,  i lose it but i get it too back, Now i made decision that my weight will be 55-53 kg before japan. and that day will be...47 day's after. Now my weigh is 58,5 so its not big deal... Only problem... I learned to eat again and that mean i want food (´;ω;`) 
And i love chocolate.... ;3; but i replace it delicacy with... Kiwi!(∩▂∩) 
Anyway. This was just random post which i made just because i wanted to somewhere put my thoughts 

/Maitan's picture is here because she is shemale...or female now...what ever sorry >___</


  1. I know that feeling bro..
    I'm half-asian.

    My european friends are fatter than me. Evrybody.
    But my Asians?
    I am the fattest.
    I don´t know what´s healty anymore.. but I really want to loose weight.
    How do you do it?

    1. Hello! you sound familiar but i can be wrong (with one earlier post)
      But after this i lost 2 kg and mu hair started to fall of so i advice not lose weight very fast. That why i started to eat like diet said and not less.I started to use vitamins too..
      but for breakfast i eat porrige,i could say one portion (what size is something like my own fist) next time i eat 12-02pm but between this time i eat fruits (usually its 1 kiwi and 1 carrot) on 12-02 i eat if i want chocolate(i am hooked DX) but if not i eat salad (if i eat chocolate i eat so that i eat 220 kcl) next time is 04-05pm meal what is 2 and half portion. I don't eat after 8pm and if i want eat evening meal i eat carrots.... of course i drink much water what help to not feel so hungry!