Crows, Crows,Stars,Stars

So I been just shopping  and do my costumes/cosplays. Nothing been happened for while.
I hae new thing which im addicted:Crows XD
But now to pictures

I tell that i bought belt from japan, so my mom finally give it to me XD
here how it looks~

Crow detail~~

Costume come to be white/black/gold :3 i dont tell anything els~~

When i was in Helsinki there was sale in Morticia sadly i didint found anything els than pants but when you bought 2 jewelry, you got cheaper free. So these 4 jewels come to cost only 20 €!
Last one is wristlet.

Pants 49€

The next one... was just so lovely that i just had to buy. I got inspiraton from it  X3
I saw it so clearly that i just have to take it with me ;__;
price was 59€...but it wold cost more if i had to do it myself

T-shirt.. And star....


  1. Noi housut ja toi bolero on niin upeet! :3

    1. Kiitos ^^ En ole pitkään aikaan ostanut erikoisempia vaatteita mut noi oli kivat :3