The brave movie

This happened some time ago but i'm been lazy~~
Because i have day off i decide try to made Host hairstyle. When i last time do it (it my first...) it looked better but i liked still how it ended look like
So i met Viyada when her school ended and we go to eat Thai restaurant. Food was okey but i like one Chinese more.
Then we go to movie.  It's tell about princess who hated be princess and wanted be like her father.
She think that her mother was disincentive so when she found witch she asked help.
This witch give her cake which her mom have to eat. And then her mother turned to bear.
I don't tell more about it.
Viyada started to cry in end and she was so cute~~ i wanted hug her but i just pat her head.
After movie we left home because clock was so much

My sewing machine went broke so i get new.  I decide to my Ciel costume ready but i ended up to do one belt buckle decoration to other one costume  XD

This is one of my costumes what i suppose to do but i ended up to waste my time to this

Its interesting how i want cosplay women's but same time i don't want XD

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