Sorry my skin is not perfect 

(omg i look girlish,damn fake lashes and too long wig)

So i go to city, because i didn't have anything better to do. I thought that i don't bay anything because i don't need. I was going to look manga from fantasy game's and then i saw it my eye's corner....
I have 3 weakness:Pink,Blue and Star's X3
(i have too much star stuff -.-")

Then i went to Seppälä look if i could find nice eyelashes but i saw more stars XD

And surprise is that i found shirt too O___O
second thing what was surprise was that it size is S like other clothes what i'm bought ....

Then when i come back to home i make order from Rakuten's Shop names Dreamv

Reason! Can't you see that star?Okey not this time XD

Its actually intended to Gals but it come to be part of my secret Visual Kei costume, same where i come use that Seppälä's necklace too. Envy to Gal's they have pretty belts!

Oh yeah i bought these too when i was in city!

Couple clips to hair :3 I maybe bought more if them have still these! They say that they are popular.

I start love Suzene's colorful hair so i thought that i have couple hairpiece i can play with them  later.
(Suzune is VK host or was, im been too lazy to stalk people's blogs)

Sorry about it that here is nothing to write im been lazy to live~~

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