New hair,sister,Yo and new school!

So yeah i dye my hair because color start look red but that wasn't good idea because color come to be red/brown

My school started  couple day ago.
First i think that i make my hair big and spiky but... I was nervous and lazy
(because i was sleep just 3 h)
I lived with my friends those days so i didn't sleep much, not surprised because its us bad habit
like midnight sauna and other thing's...*cough* but night is best time to do anything fun!

Thanks for god my sister is  good cook (・ω・)/
I love her food so much~~ it's always good!
I can only make egg's...(^_^;)
Our other friend come so late so we decide eat before Yo arrives.

But other there is other thing where she is not so good, i speak game's.She don't play them much.
I had to play to her kingdom hearts to end(Saix and Xenmas) because she was stuck, so we decide that next summer she come visit to me and we just play games together! And have fun of course^^
Last  night we watch princess momonoke when it was something 03:00 AM. When it started i was not tired but still i fell sleep  on the couch. Later Viyada wake me up so i sleep just couple hours. I almost
skip the day because i fell myself sick but it ended just in time :3

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