Yesasia order~~

My CD and Cure magazine's arrived finally to home!
I love lycaon but i didn't  like Yuukis voice them newest music video. But Yuuki was hot!

I know that V-last is disbanded but i wanted  taisho nenrei  15 sai miman. with dvd I love shyena's voice and this is my favorite cd from them! I hope that i get love game and plasma too some one day.
 I think if i go when im in japan sunday to jingu bridge i cosplay Shyena from taisho nenrei 15 sai miman. XP

I dont have picture Cure's  covers but i have my reasons why i bought them
1.Shirtless Nega (SAN AND JIN)

2. ClearVeil

Of course there was style consul like every Cure i don't know who that second is but i liked that make up very much.! Sorry these pictures quality -.-

I love these hairs and make up! They look familiar but i don't remember them... or i think i know them but i'm not sure... Maybe its just that blue haired look little like Mahiro in past... 

Its sad how many good band's aren't active anymore.. may what i listen when i start  interested about visual kei are  dispanded. V___V but i dont take it so hard than then but its sad

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