Japan in February, so why i'm nervous now???!!

I have maybe day or two time only shopping alone without be translator to my dad and little brother(brother know only some basic things...)
I want go shopping to Shibuya 109 and Harajuku that mean i need lot money.
I waste money lot and its not easy try save so.....

Our town is place where can change money so i decide that when i have  extra money i change them to jen!
I cant then use them so this is only way how i cant save there -.-
Its only time when i get to Japan for free so of course all my money go to shopping!
Lacarmina is amazing blogger and when i read blog i found Kera scan there.
I know is lolita map but there is other shops too!
And this proof that i need LOT money because it tell wery much if i take only clothes from two days XD
Next time i go japan when i pay it to myself  and its when i don't have so much money to spend.

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