Ex clearveil members Naruka,Ryuuto and Nozomi in new band:Carat

I love life i love Ryuuto,Nozomi and Naruka I love them now and always! I cant believe that they are in SAME BAND again!But i'm happy!
Their first live is at Ikeburo EDGE on august 7th.
So sad that i can't go there (i hope they have live in february or that they don't dispand or nothing before i see them) I det know this because i asked What is Ryuuto's guitar and then i looked he's picture and i knew right away that he is in band! So i start look information about this and when i read that there is Nozomi and Naruka too , i lost my voice XD I knew that Naruka do something (thanks to him blog) but i forget stalk him more...

Vocal Yu-ji
Blog: http://ameblo.jp/carat-yuji/

Guitar Nozomi

Blog: http.//ameblo.jp/nozomi6/

Guitar amemiya Ryuuto

Blog: http.//ameblo.jp/ryuto-amemiya/

Bass: Siro

Blog: http://ameblo.jp/carat-siro/

Drums Naruka

Blog: http://ameblo.jp/yasagre-people/

Yay life is smiling and they are back together! <3__<3 life is perfect!

PS. I want this guitar so badly but its expensive ;__; Not just because Ryuuto, Its different  and i like it look


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