Animecon 14-15.7

Finland¨s biggest anime event. I was work there so i don't have much to tell.. First i think that i dont write anything but now i don't have any better thing to to because i'm in forest! I mean that nearest shop is 100 km away, and all my friends too. Why i'm here? because my dad live here with hi's parents...
I saw too many ikuto and cat ears so they brain wash me an i start love paws,ears and tails...
(That why those pictures >.<)
This was first time when place feel too small.But because i was work my style was simple(school style) In animecon was visitor too, that one who create    .........It dog manga what is renowned XD I dont remember it name because im never been interested it.

(why we are here and who the hell he is!?)
I always enjoy Viivi's company^^
Jonna was with us too but she liked move alone

We fly derp

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