Diet and work

So  because i'm been in work my diet is been problem.
My work start 7 am,end 4 pm and i eat only 3 bread. I drink cafe too those times. Sometime i feel myself sleepy and then i eat piece of chocolate. When i arrived home i eat only small
dinner and sometimes evening snack.
I have lost weight 1 kilo in week and i don't like that fact because i should lost that only after month.

Now  im been looking japanese model and jrockers who are skinny and  i think they look weak.
Even if people look weak they don't always be i know it.
But i don't want look weak. It mean that i should lost more than what i was planned and then start to train my muscles. I don't like idea be  more skinny than 47 kg..

Ryuuto weigh is 46 kg and he looks ok when he have normal pants but when i saw this picture i stared it very long moment because he have so skinny legs!
I know how those legs look in real life and always when i see something like that i feel so bad(And same time envy)
I start think how thet have strength to walk. When i lost weigh fast walking is then hard to me.

But my new plan is that now first i try to just lose weight. When i'm lost 6-8 kg i start training too. I start eat asian food(because its healthier but my problem is that my mom want i eat it what she do) My work end this week and i start walking 1-2 h in day. I start sauna too (i don't like it alone...) and try drink more water because i drink it only when i'm thirsty ...

Random picture to end XD


  1. Luv that Random Pic <3
    Generally I totally fall in love with your style~
    How do you call it?
    So you are 164 high, whats your current weight?
    And what´s your desired weight?
    Last question ;)
    Do you go walking or jogging and do you another sports?

    Sorry for my bad Englisch.. i'm Thai and live at the moment in Germany :)

    1. Hi~~
      Thank you ^^
      I just dress like i want. Hair and make up are usually inspired by visual kei-
      Im now 59 kg and want be 48-49 really i want be less but i belice its not beauty if i am.
      Now my work is ended so yeah i walk 1-2 h :3
      Your english is ok~~^^