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My ticket to heaven

I was Gloria 1.5 H before door's opened. Why so late? Because my memories last live and day were so good and i loved them so much so i decided i don'n need be first on line.I was meet Byou, have fun and seen them close. So when door's opened go there almost last one who entered to Gloria.

I went right away to buy stuff so much than i have money. I looked photos when i heard some ones
speak English non Finnish accent. When i look seller it was Manabu! My mouth was open and i was sure  that this isn't possible and i live in dream(I wanted cry  because i was sure that it isn't reality XD)
Then i heard some one speak Japanese. I look right that way and i saw Kazuki. Then my body felt really light. I was stunned because i saw them so and didn't expected it.

When i was survived it i buy on photoset. I got hug both of them! Then i get that i have enough money to buy two more so when i bought them i get hug again. But this time i get that Kazuki's hand ware on my HIPS! It was weird because Manabu hug was normal ' okey here is your hug random thank for support us*smile*', but Kazuki's was  hmm... intimate? I mean not even my friend hugged me like that....
Then he say "kiitos~"(Thank you) to ear. This was first time in my life when i wanted freak out but of course i didn't show it( Before i call about it and tell it to my friend"I HUGGED KAZUKI!!!" "okey okey dont rape my ear!")

First time in my life it was easy found place what was close to stage. First i was about 4 line but when
first or second song was over i was in 2nd line somehow!O.o
My eyes were on Byou and he stared me(It easy say when it right eye to eye). It was scary because hi's lenses xD And i think i looked like 'eeh do you stare me?'
Then he(i think he smirked too) send kick to my way XD

I don't remember the time line but i dont know why i looked Rui when he walked to Manabu and put he's hand to Manabu's neck. My first reaktion was "WHAT THE HELL HE IS DOING?!" but when he kissed him i was like "...ooh okey" And my focus was back to Kazuki...I think? I was little confused then...
Screw's members jump very much to audience and i think they jump that area where i was 5 time. When Kazuki jumped one time there i was under him and it wasnt nice feeling...

Gig's minus were that i was thirsty most of time before Kazuki throw water to audience.
I dont remember song but it was cute when byou pick random girl's and sing to them.
Me and one friend got wink by Kazuki! XD
I got Kazuki's water bottle and pick.
I hugged all of them!
Gig was best in my life! I cant wait when i see them again.
Now i believe that it come two be  better than this then.
I write all my gig memories to paper but i dont know where it is now.
So sorry about text.
Its not easy try to remember something without help!

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