losing weight 2nd try

I needed stop diet for while because i lost suddenly 7 kg. I lost it in about four day and i felt my self very tired and my hair start to fall more than usually. I stop diet about month and get couple kilo back. I don't know how it happen but  i did'int like it even when i was happy lost weight. I hope lost yet 12 kg but i don't want it happen fast.  I hope my legs come skinnier even when i think they are okey now.

I walk every day 1 h and eat 4 time in day(problem, to me its hard because i eat easily only 2 time)
I (try)ate breakfast, a snack, dinner and evening snack. If i feel myself  hungry i ate maybe apple or
drink water. One my problem is chocolate i love it~
And i usually stay awake very late so i'm hungry usually then V____V
And i hate water XD I usually drink milk but now i try reduce it.


  1. Hi!
    where did you get that gorgeous cowl jumper?

    1. Bloodycat is korean shop, it sell lot of unisex clothes.
      They have international shop in ebay and you can found them clothes when you just write 'bloodycat' on search~~ :3