Desucon 2012

I go to Desucon  with Tuukks,Leevi,Jonah and Joona. I had too much stuff  and we have small car. We were in Lahti before the doors  ware open. We meet Viyada there. She was beautiful like always. Then our group split in to two. Me,Viyada and Tuukka we were together. Friday was little boring because nothing program was interested,so we spending our day walking and playing Go. I too sing karaoke with Viyada. I sang Guren - Gazette and with Viyada Magnet ( Because our Korean is so suck and we have so different music taste)

Nothing interesting what tell so here is pictures XD

There  was game room too!


We  went to bed something like 04:00 am.

I cosplayed Ren from nuest next day

                                                  My first time eating Thai! I liked it~~


This is what i bought

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