My custom corset and next cosplay

Okey so yeah i have now 10 boxes of fabrics but i decided to make Devit from d-gray.man.
He's my favorite character, i always like bad guys i don't know why! They just are best!
I'm very exited it! I have lost my weight and start like myself more and want to make perfect cosplay!
I just don't know which con i put it.... One my friend is Jasdero so i can't know before she is ready.

/This is Road Camelot/

I think i do those 'crosses' to my head little different way than others. Many just draw them but i use also use scar wax(?). I need couple other thing too it so i visited at Apprilli. I bought these:

Scar wax
Black & grey color to skin
makeup sponge
4 different glitter gel

But that's all at my cosplay plans. When i was make one at my cosplays i remember my old corset when i found one beautiful satin. Corset was hell bunny and i have to make it one size smaller, i too take top off little bit, then i coating it with satin

Result /Front/


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  1. woaah I am looking foward to your d.gray-man cosplay! I hope you will take photos <3